Next Meeting

tea party club August 20 for anyoneAlso bring any ribbon, trim or scrap fabric that we may use.


Little Dresses

july 23 sew


A special thank you to  Tariq Johnson aka The Young Palate Chef 

Thank you Charone,Iris,and Maria for a wonderful day. I want you to know that I don’t take it lightly that you take the time to support me in this journey.
I thought the day was going to be a short one,but Iris came and then we had a peek in the room. Who would think that just one peek would lead to a pleasant invitation. I gave all the information I could including history. One thing lead to another and now we have a new member. I was told by the librarian that I would not get any members by posting a flyer. I couldn’t depend on any recruiting from flyers is what I was told. Well, I know who was in control of the recruiting and I guess she didn’t. I am so thankful that I know,but have to be reminded sometimes.